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ReSolve Project Management Ltd. prides itself with using the Integrated Project Delivery System (or IPD) that has contributed to the many successes of our business partners.

Over the past number of years, ReSolve has come to believe the process that best suits today’s complex, high-performance, sustainable buildings is IPD.

We collectively use this process to achieve success by working with our team to implement sustainable developments and building.

ReSolve is also experienced with construction delivery process such as Design/Build and Construction Management.

The model shift towards lean practices that have affected the manufacturing industry is now transforming the construction industry and the IPD process is ideal for delivering this new generation of buildings to achieve a higher quality sustainable building at lower costs.

Our projects showcase revitalization of downtown developments along with urban environmental stability that fits with our objectives and commitment to sustainable communities and master planning; thus enabling the ReSolve team to enable and foster sustainable lifestyles.

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